E-learning industry has grown tremendously over the years. It is now a highly popular way of learning in both academic education as well as corporate training. 

Its many advantages over conventional classroom learning have made many people opt for it. But, there are also many disadvantages that have made people apprehensive of it. It is very crucial to understand the pros and cons of E-learning to understand where it fits in well and where it does not.

Pros of eLearning – 

1. E-learning is more convenient – This is one of the greatest advantages of E-learning that it hails about. When learning online, it does not matter where you are, you can receive the information right to your place from wherever you want. Therefore, the increased reach in e-learning makes the experience much more convenient. Also, it can be done at any time of the day and it is not needed to give it fixed number of hours each day.

2. E-learning is cost-effective – Cost Savings with E-learning is well known and appreciated. This is majorly in the case of corporate trainings but is no less in academic education. When there is no travel or material cost involved, the savings are considerable. Also, in the case of corporate training, no accommodation, room or trainer’s time is used, this increases the saving manifold.

3. E-learning requires no travel – Since this online learning can be done right where you are, it does not require travelling. No travelling is directly proportional to cost saving, time saving and convenience.

4. E-learning is flexible – Everyone has a different learning speed. Teaching everyone with different learning and grasping speeds together is not a great idea. E-learning allows everyone to learn at their own pace. The slow learners can go slow, while the fast learners can go fast and don’t have to waste their time waiting for others. This spare time can be spent in other lucrative activities.

You can buy E-learning products for schools online with much ease. These are the major advantages of E-learning. But, this also comes with disadvantages.

Cons of eLearning – 

1. E-learning eliminates human interaction – While it might be easier and more comfortable to learn wherever and whenever we want, nothing can replace the power of human interaction. How all the information is received through personal conversation is unmatched and cannot be replaced by impersonal conversations.

2. E-learning requires more self-discipline – Since there is no fixed time or place for e-learning, it can get difficult for many lazy heads to push themselves to study regularly. This is where the importance of classroom training and its discipline comes into picture.

3. Less or no interaction – Interaction is very important while learning. While e-learning can provide all the information and knowledge, the learning through interaction is almost zero. While some e-learning might provide little interaction, but that is still unmatched to what classroom learning provides. 

Therefore, while the e-learning industry gives us a number of reasons to adopt it, we have ample to not let it completely replace the conventional ways of learning.