In India, cancer is the leading cause of death. Around every year 50,000 people die due to cancer. According to WHO, lung, throat, lips, oral and neck cancer caused in men while women mostly suffers from breast, cervical and ovarian cancer. Year after year numbers of cancer patients are increasing in india, especially prostate cancer in old-aged men and cervical in women. Proper diet, exercise and avoiding tobacco will help to prevent cancer. Also researchers have dig more ways to resist cancer and other dangerous diseases.

There more than 52 ways to control, prevent and turn off the cancer.

Following are some crucial measures to avoid cancer:

  1. Have coffee everyday - Everyday 2 or more than 2 cups of caffeinated coffee will reduce the risk of throat and oral cancer. Researched have proved Decaf has inequivalent affect as compared to caffeinated coffee. It is the anti agent against cancer than tea. Caffeinated coffee reduces the 40% risk of brain cancer. 52 ways to control, prevent and turn off the cancer
  1. Drinking water- Drinking plenty of water will prevent bladder cancer. Water reduces the concentration of cancer agent in urine and helps to flush out through bladder. According to American Cancer Society, at Least drinking 8-10 cups of water is essential in reducing the effect of cancer

  2. Get proper vaccination - Cancer can also be prevented from vaccination. The hepatitis B vaccine can prevent the risk of liver cancer. This vaccine is recommended for adults who are sexually active, excessive drug users or public health-workers who take care of ill-people, they are at a higher risk at transmitting the infection from them. 

  1. Breast density screening - Women should get the mammograms test. It helps to check the breast density. Women who have 75% or more reading can be in risk of breast cancer. Screening mammography can help reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer at an earlier stage among women.

  1. Keep cellphones away from head - Children should not use cell phones next to their head because they have thinner skull than adults. Thus, radiation from cell phones penetrate more deeply in children’s brain and may result in brain cancer. Not only for young ones but adults should also not use cell phones for longer times next to their brain because cell phones emit radio frequency that can affect brain. Avoid keeping cell phones near your body specially during women pregnancy. 

  1. Marinate the meat - When meats are cooked at high temperatures, the enormous heat generated converts beneficial amino acids into toxic compounds known as heterocyclic amines (HCAs) in the meat. Likewise, when the fat in meat is exposed to an open flame, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are produced. Both HCAs and PAHs will damage DNA, and can cause cancer. This can be avoided if mean is first marinated.

Keeping these simple points in mind many help you prevent cancer. It will help to reduce the number of cancer patients in world.

Always remember, Prevention is Better than Cure.