Travelling is one of the best things you can do in your life. The world is mighty big and you can never travel enough. There will always be more places to visit, more memories to make and more interesting people to meet. Many people are not aware of what travelling can do to their personality. If they did, they would travel more often.

It is not a great idea to save travelling for your old age. What travelling teaches you, if applied, can change your life. If you travel while you are young, you get personal benefits that can be used lifelong and you have more time to apply the lessons you learn. You can do more of adventure while you are young. Also, travelling makes you more relaxed and thus, it should be done more frequently in life and should not be saved just for the old age. And yes, there is no guarantee that we live long enough to get old.

There are many books that make me want to travel. 'Around the World in Eighty Days' is one of them. Then I just want to buy Good Quality Travel Bags and leave to an unknown place.

I have complied a list of few reasons that must propel you to travel once in every few months.

  • Swiss Military Travel LuggageTravelling Makes You Awesome – This is the first on my list because who doesn't want to get awesome? Travelling enriches one with experiences that develop a lot of qualities in a person. One tends to get more confident, adventurous and social. You find so much in yourself and you get really awesome. If you wish to get cooler, travel! You will be surprised at what it can do to your personality.
  • Travelling Enriches You with Experience – Life is about interesting experiences too. You can get the most amusing experiences while you are on the road. You face new challanges, meet different people and do things you have never done before. You can't be empty after have done all this. In fact, it fills you with experience that makes you happier. You start looking forward to more different experiences because they become your catalyst for happiness.
  • Travelling is the Best Teacher – There is definitely more learning that happens while travelling than what happens through reading in school. It is when history actually becomes tangible and seems to have had a significant impact on the people of that place, that you gain interest in learning about it. By travelling, you know more about the economy, the currency, the history and the langauge of a place than you would ever know by reading. One also remembers better when it has been experienced and not just read.
  • around the world in eighty days bookTravelling is Rejuvinating – It is a great practice to travel every few months to break your daily routine and do something different for a change. Studies have shown the positive impact that travelling has on the productivity of people. After coming back from a vacation, people usually work with more focus and energy. It is relaxing to take a vacation and get away from every day situations at work. It is important to give your mind some much needed rest so that it can work more efficiently. Like our body, our mind too needs rest to perform the best of its ability. Every trip you go on, has short as well as long term rejuvinating effect on your mind.
  • Travelling Makes you Happier – This is my favourite reason because all of us are seeking happiess. Our purpose to do all that we do is to find happiness. This point is mix of all. You meet new people, make new friends, do new things and all this makes you realise that there is so much more to life than our petty problems. It develops many qualities in us and helps us discover ourselves. We understand that we could always do anything which gives us confidence and happiness. We never get caught up in a rut but we get out of it and come back to work more refreshed and energetic. In a nutshell, we notice that travelling makes us happier and we should do it more often.