In the times today, when we are so comfortable with technology, buying books online is no alien thing. While some people go and buy directly from book stores, many have accepted and approved of the new way of buying books. Those who still hit the stores are usually the ones who think that they can't make a good pick without physically going and buying them.

In either case, we only have a few attributes of the book that we can analyse to know if we are intrigued by the book or not. Therefore, it is a pretty good idea to buy a book online by judging it by its cover.

A book gets more alluring by its cover intertwined with its title that tell a story that may or may not be same as the actual book story. It is interesting to read a book that we have absolutely no preconceived notion about. This is when the process of reading gets more adventurous.

When we know the book that we have to buy or is recommended by a friend, online is the best way to go. Since it is convenient and you get the books delivered at your door step. In that case, we already know something or the other about the book.

Reading books is a hobby of many. I'm sure we all have friends who are avid readers. They love to know about all the good books there are – old and new. But, how about a book you do not know about at all. The best way to read a book is that. Just find the most interesting cover and title, and discover what it has to offer.

Not only that, judging a book by its cover is great for your pocket. The books sold online are usually at sale and thus, you have to pay lesser than usual. Check out books at online stores, browse through various categories and try to pick the most interesting one and see how this trick works for you. With this tactic you can buy more books because you save on a lot of dough.

There is a catch when using this technique. It is called 'manipulation'. Because publishers try and create covers that catch your attention make you buy it. But, we have a few ways for you to judge that the cover has a creative mind behind it. Here's a rundown:

1. Non-fiction catches the attention of the mind while fiction catches attention of the heart. Therefore, good non-fiction covers will features things that might not go with one another, on a solid background. Fiction, on the other hand, will have vibrant covers.

2. Look of space in covers. Good covers won't be cluttered but would still convey the idea with a lot of ease. In case there are many elements, they would be perfectly blended with the background.

3. The central element must outshine others. It should be in the spotlight. This puts the spotlight on the main element that shows creativity of the people involved.