Not just safety, suitable gear and equipment ensure our comfort during the activity/sport. Stretchable clothes increase the range of movement, which improves performance. Therefore, it is smart to invest in these sports requirements to ensure safety and performance.

Some gear/equipment that promote safety are:

1. Helmets: Different kinds of Helmets are available in the market, and are meant to prevent head injuries mainly. Also, the helmet must fit comfortably. Helmets are used for sports like – cricket, football, biking, hockey, skating and more.

2. Mouth Guards/Gum Shields: In activities/games where there are chances of mouth hitting any hard object, Gum shield and mouth guard are important to protect any injury in the mouth. It protects against tooth break and loss, as well as in severe injuries including jaw fracture. A Dentist must be consulted for a guard that fits perfectly.

3. Shoes: Shoes are extremely important, not just when it comes to sports, but also in general activities, including walking and running. Worn out shoes or ones that do not fit well must be replaced as soon as possible.

4. Exercise/Yoga Mat: The Exercise/Yoga Mats need to be non-slip and must provide enough padding for your knees and wrists. Such a mat will provide perfect comfort and cushioning for all your asans, also, it will save you from slipping when you sweat heavily.

5. Eyewear: It is crucial to use protective eyewear to prevent eyes from injuries. Many activities/sports such as baseball need eye protection. These protective eye gear are made with polycarbonate. Different eye wear is suited for different games,