It is said that our lives are pretty short to learn all the lessons by our own experiences. Learning from other people's experiences can spare us from facing circumstances that we do not wish to. A biography is a detailed account of a person's life experiences. Biographies are interesting to read as they describe in detail, the experiences that led people to choose a particular path in their lives as well as the situations that shaped their lives and personality, thus,enabling us to know the people more closely.

My Journey: Transforming Dreams Into Actions

There are many people about whom we wish to know to a greater extent. Maybe because they are successful leaders or scientists or actors or anyone else with an interesting life story. We wish to know how they reached where they are and what drove them. Successful people inspire us and to know how they have struggled help us understand what it takes to get there. We wish to have these people around us to tell us how to respond in every situation. While that is not possible and asking for advice everytime would create dependency, it is, however, advantageous to understand their mindset and inculcate some good things about their personality in your own life. Biographies of personalities like Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Mother Teresa and Sachin Tendulkar are highly popular.

Biographies teach better than self-help books. Rather than steps, they have actual situations a person has faced that helps you think of approaches you can use in your own life in similar situations. Rather than giving your direct rules, it broadens your horizons by letting you carve your own path. Such learning lasts longer and leaves an impact that is stronger.

 A lot of avid-readers love biographies of their favourite writers since it helps them know the mood and state the author wrote a particular book in. Knowing an author better helps understand his/her work better. A writer pours out all his/her feelings into the book he/she writes. The one who understands the situation can also understand how well has the writer penned down his emotions.

Many biographies have been written about people who have existed long before us. It is more informative than most history books. When a person tells how a time or era was like in terms of experience at different ages, it tells a lot more than the description of buildings made at that time or the kind of food people ate. It makes you feel you live in that time.

More than anything else, when you read about a person, you start knowing him well enough. You start understanding how he thinks and this is when you start standing for what he stands. If a man pours his soul out and tells you what he believes in and why, it creates a deep impact on the readers. A man who stands for truth will inspire us to support truth and a man who stands for love will melt our hearts for lovers.