It is crucial to let children do creative activities and create something of their own. Doing this will give them confidence and improve their imagination. Different cognitive skills are also acquired through such activities. For example, asking your child to try to identify the sounds he/she hears everyday will help understand how sounds and environment are interlinked.

Get your children Activity and Hobby Kits – an affordable and organised way to get your children to do amazing activities including paper mache, origami and quilling. Many kits are easily available in the market and online stores that make for a great gift for the kids. Puzzles are also a great way to make your kids smarter. These are good for children's cognitive development. When kids have to solve puzzles, they need to use their brain, eyes and hands together to understand where to fit in the pieces. This helps in building hand-eye coordination. Fine and gross motor skills are also built through puzzles. There is some kind freedom felt in art.

For children to express themselves freely and to let them pour their heart out, it is important to give them the opportunity to create art. Imagination that is put out creates art and builds confidence in the creator. This is why it is important for children to become more expressive. There is a fantastic thing about art and craft, that it has no limitation.

Art and craft do not just include drawing, colouring, painting, sketching or origami and quilling. These are only the activities that have received name. Art and craft can be found in the simplest of things we do. Even arranging flowers according to colours at home has an artistic thing about it. Arranging furniture at home is art. Everything we do can either be done plainly or can be done creatively.

Parents often play with children without questioning their bad habits, especially, when the kids disagree to respect other's ideas. Children must also do different activities in a group with other kids, which helps them bond with one another. This builds teamwork as well as leadership skills in children, and they learn to respect different ideas and ways. There is no right or wrong in creativity and thus, everyone must be allowed to express themselves.