Books take up a lot of space. Specially because they have to be stored safely to avoid causing any damage to them. Here is a rundown of the ways that can be used for storing books:

1. Plastic Box Storage: Plastic boxes (opaque) protect books from sunlight and rodents. If you have already read the book and don’t plan to read it again anytime soon, but can’t let go of it either, then you can store it in a plastic box for a long term.

2. Avoid Direct Exposure to Heat and/or Light: Direct exposure to heat and/or light can damage the book binding. The Sunlight bleaches out the binding and paper quality of the books. Heat from many appliances can also be damaging to the books. Make sure the room where books are stored isn’t too humid, or they will begin to warp.

3. Let the Books Stand Upright or Lie Down flat: These are the two correct ways of storing books. This keeps them well supported as well as in place.

4. Dust Them Regularly: It is important to dust books after every few days to prevent dust from accumulating both, inside and outside. The shelves where these books are kept must also be dusted with the books.

5. Invest in a Closed Book Shelf: According to Feng Shui, books must be kept in a closed book shelf (if that shelf is in the bedroom). If you have too many books and can’t do without a shelf, invest in a closed one. This is the most organized way of storing books.

6. Arrange Books Alphabetically: It is irritating when you can’t find the book you’re looking for. One trick to organize them is to arrange the books alphabetically. So, for every book, you will only have to look through a small number of books.