The MUN competition shows the student's public speaking, negotiation power, and resolution writing skills. At the end of the day those who excel in these skills and able to convince parliament on their conditions are awarded. This conference basically help youngsters in their overall personality development.

If you want to start your career with MUN, it's important to come to your first conference prepared.You'll need your academic skills as well as interpersonal and good communication skills.Listing below some points that you should always remember-

  • Awareness about your Country: You should be well researched about your country's basic facts and positions. It's important to study on concern subject, country's affairs. Prepare well how you want to represent your country and prepare strong opening speech about your country which differentiate your country from others.
  • Research on Topic: Know your Topic and Agenda, refer to guides and think out of the box and be ready with innovative solutions which haven't implemented yet. Put your belief and be specific about it because it will create your first impression on other delegates.
  • Position Papers: Since it's your first time you won't be knowing that in most of the conferences you will be given Position Papers to write relevant things on the topic. A Position Paper comprises of three parts: concern Background, Past International exertion, Country's Policy and Solutions. You have to write about 2- 10 pages at least and these are the vital to success to every delegate.
  • Be Feasible: You have to be adaptable because sometimes committee rejects your prepared topic so you have to switch your attention to other subject. Don't hesitate because you are in MUN you have to speak.
  • Don't be Nervous: In your first committee, you may get confused because you don't know the parliamentary procedure So, don't get nervous, just observe the first hour of the committee everything will be cleared and you will get at ease with it.
  • How to Make the most of it: You are going for the first time enjoy it and don't get nervous if you do not win a prize. There is nothing more important than finishing your first conference with productive information which will help you to be better delegate and may get you a chance to win in future.

These are the most crucial points that one should remember while attending their first MUN conference. For more information, Books are also available in the market that contains the answer of every relevant query related to Model United Nation Conference. How To Be A Great MUN Delegate by Glenkoan is the best book you can refer for detailed Information.