Youth is the highest energy stage in our lives. It is that time when we are brimming with passion, dreams, excitement, and also have the zeal to go after them. However, this life stage is not forever, and it is the rule of nature that we must age and wither. But, is it really important to lose the energy and passion as we age? Not at all! Infact, it is possible to stay active and full of life throughout our time here. Books such as 100 Best Ways to Stay Young by Parragon Books  provide easy ways for that. Read on to know how can you stay young even as you age -

1. Stay Positive – A lot of negative stereotypes are associated with ageing that create negative feelings. It is crucial to have a positive attitude because it influences how you actually feel. Instead of thinking that everything is coming to an end, know that if you keep your goals alive, it will keep you going. Because, seriously, nothing is coming to an end, there is always a lot to do.

2. Do Yoga – We all know the benefits of Yoga so well that makes it an obvious and powerful technique to prevent ageing. Yoga calms the mind, improves posture, prevents many diseases and improves mood. There is no end to the benefits we get through it. Make it a habit to practice Yoga to look, feel and stay young.

3. Stay Active – It is easy to give up as age begins to make you feel tired and activities become more difficult to do. But, the only way to stay active is to keep pushing harder. This doesn't mean you would overstrain yourself, but, giving up is no option. Do not go bedridden but go slow. It will slowly increase your strength and endurance. Staying active is a great contributor to anti-ageing.

4. Have Green Tea – This one is a magic brew. Isn't it? It is possibly the healthiest beverage known. It makes you more active, slimmer, smarter, healthier, more immune and definitely younger since it is popularly known to slow ageing. Green Tea also helps you live longer by preventing many diseases.

5. Eat Healthy – “We are what we eat”. We most definitely are. It is important, at any age, to watch what you eat and to indulge more into healthy foods than junk. Fruits and Vegetables must be generously included in the diet to stay young and active. The secret to a healthy old age is, to a great extent, hidden in the diet.

6. Sleep Well – It isn't surprising that the good habits we have always been asked to develop have lots of benefits on our health. Sleeping well every night affects our mood and health to a great extent.