In a recent meeting chaired by the HRD Minister – Prakash Javadekar, a plan to make NCERT books compulsory, for all CBSE affiliated schools, was announced. This came as a good news to some; to others it came as a worry.

The reason behind this move was majorly the complaints coming from parents of school students, against being forced to buy books by private publishers that are costlier than the NCERT books. However, for now CBSE has only 'advised' the use of NCERT books and not made it compulsory.

There are some advantages that making NCERT books compulsory will offer to users.

This includes bringing uniformity as regards to same set of books throughout the country. This will further result in standardiazation of the study material. Another advantage to this lies in the relief that the parents get as they do not have to spend on costlier books from private publishers as NCERT books are cheaper due to the subsidy granted by the governement for printing these books.

But, this move has also been a cause of worry for many. The availability of NCERT books has always been a problem.

Many parents seem to have an issue with the study material and printing quality that NCERT offers which is below par in comparison with Private Books. 

In the era of Use of Technology in Education, NCERT is lagging behind due to no change in their style of working from the past so many years. 

The course material is also not of very high quality, which concerns parents who wish to prepare their children with high quality education. If NCERT books are made compulsory, no parent or teacher will have an option of choosing any other book for their children and would be forced to follow one set of Textbooks throughout. This may result in hampering the growth of the child.

On one hand, there are parents who wish to provide their wards with all of their school needs but can not afford expensive books. On the other hand, parents who can afford expensive books are ready to spend extra if they get better quality material in books by private publishers who are updated with the latest technology.

Therefore, making any publisher mandatory will not be helpful to the entire lot of people. Instead, a decision keeping in mind the requirements and financial status of all the affected people is the need of the hour.