Try these smart and quick steps to improve your learning skills to help you learn fast-

1) Make a Note- While learning about any new thing, making notes can be very important. These notes can be one liners about your understanding of the subject at that very moment in your own words. While making a note, try and use drawings or tables. You can also use highlighters to mark important lines. If taken down correctly, these notes can later on help you in understanding and memorizing the concept in a much better way! Post its are a perfect way to write down short notes. 



2) Share and Gain- Whenever you learn about a new subject, or a new topic, discuss it with people around you. They can be your friends, family, classmates, colleagues, anyone that you are comfortable talking to. When we share what we learn, there is 50% more chance of retaining that information. When you share information, you may get a new outlook on that subject from another person, as everyone has a different point of view. This will also help in generation of new ideas.




3) Identify your Learning style- There are three types of learning styles-

Identify your learning style by noticing in which style you remember information in a better way. If you are a visual learner, watch more videos related to the concept. If you have an auditory style, you can record and listen again later for better understanding.



4) Talk less, Listen More- When learning about something new, it is important to listen carefully and ask questions in the end to clarify all your doubts relating to the subject. Asking questions is a sign of intelligence and you should never be hesitant to ask one in case of any clarification. 


So, if you wish to be a better learner, hope these quick points would help you in doing so. Learn fast and learn well!