If you feel that you have unhealthy self-esteem, take steps to change the situation. Read self-help books and begin to try to see the positive side of every situation.

Here is a rundown of some of the many advantages of having high self-esteem:

1. It Affects Your Happiness: Our mood is dependent on our thoughts. When we think happy thoughts, we feel good. Imagine being too harsh and critical of yourself, how would you feel? Thus, healthy self-esteem is important to feel happy in life.

2. Eliminates Fear of New Opportunities: A person with low self-esteem is usually afraid to try new things. He/she fears making a fun of himself/herself that could make the situations worse. The fear of failure is stronger than the excitement of trying. A high self-esteem helps you to stop taking yourself too seriously and will give you the strength to laugh on your own mistakes. This will help you enjoy life in its full glory.

3. Makes Your Relationships Bloom: A lot of relationships break due to insecurities. We do not realize how poorly we behave due to them. A healthy self-esteem will help you get rid of your insecurities, so that relationships can be stronger and more fulfilling.

4. Makes You Work with Commitment: A high self-esteem will help you trust yourself and be more optimistic. A more positive approach to life will make you more committed to your plans because you begin to believe in them.

5. It Lets You Be Yourself: This is the biggest importance of having a healthy self-esteem. When you don’t feel the need to be accepted, you get free. Then you can have your own opinions, views and ideas of the world, without needing an approval from anybody.