At 40, a healthy diet alone cannot make us healthy, but it also isn’t an excuse to gorge on anything and everything. To look sexy and to be healthy even after crossing the 40 milestone, it is crucial to eat food that is as natural, as fresh, and as less processed as possible.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is essential to get the required nutrients. Also, NEVER SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST. This might sound like a line you have heard a million times before, but the reason it is so much spoken is because breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day and must also be the biggest of all. This might remind us of some granny’s wisdom – Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

There are a lot of points one needs to add to his/her routine, but there are also many we have to cut from it. Many of our habits cannot be taken any further. First and foremost, it is time for smokers to stub out that cigarette forever. They are many diseases that smoking alone can cause or worsen. It might not be easy to quit, but help is available and it is for good. If you love alcohol, it is time you reduce the quantity to just two servings, few times in a week.

Stress and Depression are on a rise and will continue to be on a rise if we keep living in such a rush. The two affect our health and increase the risk of many diseases including heart diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. A regular visit to the Doctor for health check up will help you and your Doctor to understand the risk spots and how to prevent any disorders from occurring. It is one very good habit that we must keep.

As much as it is important to stop putting toxins into our body, it is also important to avoid toxin exposure. Toxins have a negative impact on our bodies. They may cause fatigue, cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies or food intolerance. They are also the reason for increased obesity rate. It is advised to stay away from toxins and replace them with products made with natural ingredients.

We must watch what we eat and drink. It is better to get organic fruits and vegetables and filter our drinking water. It is helpful to keep indoor plants and to install air filters to clean the air we breathe in. These measures must be taken by all of us, over 40 or under 40. But, since we do have to take extra care once we cross this milestone, it is important to keep a check on the toxin exposure and intake.

Since eating healthy alone is not enough for those above 40, given the changes that happen in the body, it is important to stay physically active and to enhance mental activity. This will help to stay fit physically and mentally, both. Exercise or yoga works well for weight control and also reduces stress.

Not only is it important to stay active, it is also good to ease out and relax. We must get a sound sleep for 7-8 hours at a stretch so that we get full night’s rest and wake up fresh and active.

Staying active also helps improve metabolism. This will help to magically burn the calories while we’re sitting on your couch. Making these few lifestyle changes will make everyone over 40 feel young again, and it is said that investing in health gives the best returns. After all, you are fabulous at 40 now and you must feel like it.