Education is Power. It is empowering to have knowledge about the society and environment to be able to take steps for its growth and development. An educated indivdual is self-sufficient to look after himself/herself and to stay protected from any corrupt or unethical behaviour. He/She knows citizen rights and duties, which is important for every nation.

Moral education is, to a great extent, responsible for the development of moral, ethical as well as spiritual values. The aim of education is to make students become good human beings who hold good knowledge about the world as well as about their field of interest. Education inculcates these values in students and make them more considerate about the well-being of others apart from their own.

Talking about the most basic skills like communicating, counting and reading, these are absolutely necessary for survival in the society today. These skills are crucial for almost every job in the world. The basic survival skills that education teaches are indispendible to lead a self-sustained life.

Through education, all of us evolve into better and complete individuals with sound moral and ethical values. We are able to earn a livlihood for ourselves and our family. Thus, it is crucial for every indivdual to be educated and to use his/her knowledge for the common good of the society and mankind.