Some people brighten up our day while some bring down our energy. This is because everyone gives out different ‘vibes’ (short for vibrations) that we feel differently in each one’s company. Listed are the ways to raise your ‘vibes’ to lead a better life.

1. Think Positive Thoughts: Our feelings and thoughts go hand in hand and so does our reality with it. To feel better and to raise our vibes, it is important that we think positive thoughts. Positive thoughts vibrate higher and attract happier people and situations in your life.

2. Read Positive and Self-Help Books: Reading can make and break our beliefs. Constructing positive beliefs helps in the way we perceive ourselves and boosts our self-esteem. Buy some good self-help books online for yourself and read only what makes you feel good (even if that means skipping daily breaking news)

3. Practice Gratitude: Paying gratitude to God/Universe for all the blessings you have received will instantly raise your vibrations. When you feel good about what you have instead of complaining for what you don’t have, you are bound to feel great.

This is why happiest people are those who are contented with what they have and make the most of it. Consider reading this book – Thank and Grow Rich.

4. Listen to Happy Music: Happy music and songs give out high vibrations that touch us and change our mood. Listening to songs that talk of failure, hate, break-ups will only give that. Create and listen to music that talks of happiness, lasting relationships and success. It will keep you in a great mood.

5. Declutter: Clutter at home, workplace or wherever you spend most of your time, reflects clutter in your mind. A happy and sorted mind creates clarity and cleanliness on the outside. You can raise your vibrations by following this in a reverse way. That is, by decluttering your environment, you can declutter your mind.

6. Practice Compassion: Compassion, kindness and forgiveness vibrate higher than feelings of revenge and anger. To feel better, give love and do selfless acts for the less fortune, or just randomly for a friend.