A sound mind function with a positive attitude if it exists in a sound body. If you are health-conscious you should always keep these points in their mind. 

  • Exercise for life: Exercise is the miracle cure for body illness. Let’s take the common problem like obesity that many for youYoga Daily Exercises dealing these days, due to over eating of fast foods. Regular Exercise is best solution to get rid of it because while exercising you inhale lot of oxygen, which causes your body to burn fats and leads to reduce your weight. Lot more exercises that can keep you fit and healthy are instructed in popular book Yoga Daily Exercise by parragon suggests, meditation, breathing and stretching exercise to balance mind, body and soul. If you have busy schedules then don’t waste your time and money on gym or any other fitness center, try to exercise home because It won’t take more than 30 minutes from your busy life. 

  • Drink Lots of Water: Water is main component of your body, you must have studied in primary classes that up to 60% of human adult body is water. Regular water consumption in our body is beneficial and moreover it does not have fats, calories and sugar. Experts recommends that everyone should drink 10 glass of water daily to maintain the good health. Water keeps your body hydrated, all the organs in your body need water for proper functioning. Dehydration leads to fatigue, migration, constipation and gain weight. Water is only detoxifier which help to flush out the toxic from your body through urine. This, it's recommended that drink amount of water required by your body as it differ from one body to another. Also eat fluids and foods that contains high amount of water.  

  • Get Enough Sleep: Lack of Sleep can make you dumb and grumpy. Many of you not get enough sleep, let me tell you lack of sleep can affect your metabolism, mood, memory, sex life, immune system, even make your skin older and can leads to serious health issues like heart disease, stroke and Diabetes. Adult should take nap of 7-9 hours and teens should 8-10 hours daily according to National Sleep Foundation. I had read one good book Be Happy Be Health which suggest the healthy sleeping tips.    You must be surprise after knowing the benefit of sleeping which many of you consider the waste of time. Sleep boost your mood   and banish the dark circle, that especially girls care for. It is the key to healthy lifestyle and keeps your heart, body weight and mind healthy. Also reduce stress and depression moreover it avoids accidents while you are driving. 

  • Go for Regular Check-Ups: Always go to your doctors for regular health check-ups so that you get update regarding changes in your body and insure that your body is fit. Regular health exam helps you to find the problem before it starts so that you have a chance to cure them at early stage. Important health services that one should always do screening like Breast and Cervical Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Oral Health, Skin Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis. Thus. Check-ups depends on your age and sex. Preferred doctor can tell you what test you can give according to your age. One should examine annual and monthly whole body check-up to stay healthy.

  • Eat Healthy Food: Eating is something that that everyone does but anyone of you know that what to? Because every bite you takeDiet & Recipes affects your body and health at any way. Eat fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains in your diet and make it your main diet and especially avoid junk foods. Make balanced diet chart for yourself according to your schedules and honestly follow it. You can take recommendation from your dietitian they can tell you better according to your health condition. You can also go for book written by many of the dietitian and make you diet chart. If you don’t know how to cook you can prefer good cookery book, one I follow Diet and Recipes by Pegasus Book, In this you can find all sort of recipes that are simple to cook and won’t affect your health too.

Healthy breakfast starts your day with full of energy and happiness. Eating healthy breakfast leads to function properly your physical and mental body for whole day. Experts recommend that you should include protein source like milk or yogurt, carbohydrate source and fruits. Also you can take cereals, oat meals and whole wheat bread. Healthy breakfast helps you to concentrate on your work and make your day productive.

Last but not Least, there are many more things which you should include in your daily life to stay health and young. Get to know healthier tips you should prefer amazing book namely 100 Best Way to Stay Young by Parragon Book. One more important point I want to add up that there is some diet that affects if you get addicted like caffeine, junk food, sugar and alcohol. These things should be taken in moderate amount or once-in-a-while. you should also quit bad habits like smoking, drugs, unsafe sex, and alcohol addiction. Making all these changes in your life can make leads to stress less and joyful life that every person on this earth wants but to have this you have to control yourself and then you can achieve fitness, food and fun altogether.