Most of us have been unfamiliar to the infinite power of our minds all our lives. Understanding the law of attraction and the power of subconcious mind has taken the world by storm and has improved millions of lives dramatically. It has healed people, relationships and saved careers. It is time we all start utilizing the power available to all of us and welcome the magic into our lives.

the secret by rhonda byrneThe power to change our future lies in our hands. The law of attraction suggests that we all work with one power that is infinte in nature. This power is the very basis of all the creations and miracles we have ever seen and is accessible to each one of us, equally. What makes us different is how well we utilize this power. Our mind is the tool with which we make use of this infinte power and create our future. Our 'thoughts become things' as the popular book "The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne" suggests, what we think gets manifested in our lives and therefore, merely by changing our thoughts, we can change our lives.

I know it sounds like magic and so it is. We do not realise this because we have forgotten that we live in a world that is perfect. It works with a power that keeps everything in place. The Sun and the planets never forget their path, the forces never stop working and the flowers know they have to bloom. We work with the same power because we are all a part of the same perfect universe. This, what looks like magic creates our every day's reality.

To use this power into our lives, we must understand that 'like attracts like'. If we think positive, positive things happen to us while, if we think negative, negative things happen to us. Good thoughts and good feelings are the ingredients for a life that looks and feels good. This power attracts to you whatever you desire in your life. It can be utilized to attract the wealth, relationships, career or a happy life in general. All our dreams are only a thought away from us.

A book called 'Secret : The Power' is another popular book by Rhonda Byrne that talks of the greatest power in the universe that lies inside us. Law of attraction is a popular practice now-a-days with special classes and groups that teach manifesting desires. This is a new-thought that promotes spiritual thinking and inside-out approach. It believes in working within rather than without. This is a great idea that has put superstitions to rest and has encouraged more practical thinking.

Spirituality is what connects us to our spirit so that we act instead of reacting. It is the practice of connecting to what lies within. It teaches us that the limitations we have are self-made and do not exist in reality. We think of many characteristics linked to a particular age group. It is believed old age is when our body loses it's strength and will. Spirituality teaches us how, at every age we can maintain our well being and optimism. There are many such limitations that we believe in but they are all in the mind. We set them for ourselves and our mind believes what we tell it again and again. Those thoughts become our core beliefs.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Spirituality is a very practical approach to a healthier and more peaceful life. "Chicken Soup for the Soul" is a highly popular and best-selling series focussed at imparting wisdom and knowledge. The books have heart-warming stories about the beauty of a spiritual life. As the name suggests, this book is a soul-healer.

These are the reasons why we must make spirituality the way of our lives. As Buddha said, “As candle can't burn without air, man cannot live without a spiritual life”. Without, spirituality and inside-out approach, we will get direction-less. It also enables us to get rid of the bad emotions and feelings and to intentionally delevop good ones. Therefore, we must remeber - “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way”.