Knowledge of Yoga has been with the world since ages now. It has its roots in ancient India. Yoga is a practice encompassing the body, mind and soul, to get all the three in balance and in connection with one another. With increasing awareness, more and more people are practicing Yoga because it works for their overall health and fitness better than any other activity. What follows in this article are the benefits of Yoga and its effect on our lives. 

We are living in a time where 24 hours a day are not enough and there is absolutely no time to reflect upon our actions. Therefore, stress is spiking up and a great fraction of people have mental health problems. Stress is known to have terrible effects on the body, mind and life. Meditation techniques relieve stress accumulated in our body and mind, making us feel relaxed and calmer. Yoga increases oxygen flow to our brain that makes us feel content and happy. Long-term practitioners are known to have experience more permanent effects. 

good yoga books for beginnersThose who are just beginning and do not know where to start must take the help of a Yoga teacher because it can be risky to mess up. But it is not easy for everyone to find a Yoga teacher nearby and sometimes we do not have the time for a complete class each day. In that case, it is best to invest in good yoga books for beginners. Such books prove to be very helpful for beginners. 

Physical effects of Yoga include maintanence of healthy weight. Excessive weight gain is a by-product of stress. As Yoga relieves stress, it also helps in losing weight. As we practice Yoga consistently, over a longer period, we experience increase in muscle flexibility and strength. Yoga also bestows us with a perfect posture, more flexibility and strength to our body. Everyone wants to be healthy and active even when they are old and Yoga is the best way to achieve that. Other physical benefits include better immune system and improved respiration as well as circulatory health. The benefits are more than what have been mentioned above and are impossible to cover. 

Detoxification and Destressing are known to delay ageing. Once we start practicing Yoga, we realise all the emotional blocks inside us start to diminish. We begin to feel more confident and develop a higher self-esteem. Yoga makes us experience the beauty in everything and makes us more positive. This makes positive energy to flow through us, making us experience gratitude, forgiveness, empathy, kindness, contentment and more such emotions that make us better. This directly benefits our relationships and makes them last longer. A person who is peaceful can deal better with sensitive issues in a relationship. Thus, Yoga helps in areas of you life that we couldn't have imagined it could affect. 

If you wish to look better, Yoga is the best solution. You will be surprised at how much Yoga can help in improving looks. Practicing yoga regularly improves blood circulation, thus bringing glow and freshness to the face. Since it helps us shed that extra fat, the body also looks and feels better through yoga. Through yoga, the signs of ageing begin to disappear from our body and we start looking younger, calmer and more radiant. 

Unlike other physical activities, the mental health benefits that Yoga provides are lasting. Other physical activities de-stress us for sometime and makes our brain release the happy hormone for a better mood, but, it lasts a little longer than the activity period. A number of people have seen development of intution through Yoga. As it builds clarity, we start to understand what is to be done in difficult situations. This is one benefit of Yoga that can only be felt and experienced by the doer. 

This is why we must make Yoga a part of our everyday life and must pledge to never let go of this very good habit.