Some of the benefits are-

1. Physical Fitness : Let's begin with one of the most obvious benefits of sports which is improvement and maintainence of physical fitness. Sports help us stay active as well as in shape. Those who are regular with sports are usually healthier with stronger a immune system.

2. Mental Health : We often neglect mental health and only focus on physical health. Sports help in relieving stress and reducing depression. Doing physical activities release endorphins in the brain that uplift mood.

3. Team Work : Working individually and working in a team are two entirely different ways of working. When playing in a team, we learn how everyone contributes towards one goal and gets their share of credit. Sometimes all we learn is to fight for ourselves, but to play in a team involves understanding and respecting different point of views.

4. Academic Performance : This one might come as a surprise to many parents who think sports will waste time that a child could invest in studies. Sports develops skills such as discipline and time management in children, which help in better academic performance. This is why it is important to balance work with play.

5. Confidence and Self-Esteem : Getting involved in sports gives an opportunity to the kids to showcase their talents and skills. When they contribute to their team's success, they gain confidence about themselves. They also learn that they are accountable for their mistakes. Sports teach us to set goals for ourselves. When we set realistic goals and achieve them, it gives us a sense of accomplishment which inturn boosts confidence and self-esteem.

6. Relationships : Getting involved in sports help children build relationships with their teammates. They learn to be respectful towards other players as well as their coaches and teachers. Their social circle increases and they get more confident around people.