The one major flaw, that is also commonly talked about, is the habit of rote learning in students. Since, there is high focus on marks and little on learning, students try and cram the concepts rather than trying to understand. Afterall, the purpose of studying in class is scoring marks, right? Well, this is what most of them believe.

The students are applauded for scoring high and writing perfect answers. If they keep getting appreciated for cramming and fetching marks, that is exactly what they will focus on. A system where 3 hour exam is not the only criteria in deciding weather a student is brilliant or not, and includes a lot other evaluations including creativity, problem solving skills, originality and extra-curricular activities over the entire term, is the need of the hour.

If you stop and contemplate for a while, you realise that somewhere in the rat-race, we have lost the purpose of education. The purpose of education is not to get an admission or a job. The purpose of education is the nourishment of the mind. Education must support your creativity and not crush it. In the pointless and mindless race that we are running, originality and creativity is lost.

Classes must be interactive. Through interactions, it gets easier to learn concepts and students get to learn to express themselves and voice their ideas. Most classes that we have in the country dull the mind. They are mind-numbing. It is dangerous to get used to this process. It is important to change before everyone gets used to this exhaustion. For this, it is important to reward originality and creativity while communicating the dangerous concequences of rote learning.

The worst thing we can do to a brilliant child is to make him/her give up. Many students have committed suicide due to excessive burden of studies. Only if someone has showed the children a better and more real way of education, many lives could have been saved.

Education can become stress if individual needs are not understood. Every child is different. Their choices, dreams, interests, learning speed, way of learning that works for them and much more. If they are all taught the same things in the same way, only the lucky ones shine. Every child is brilliant and the day our education system starts to bring it out, the change would be revolutionary.