Game of ThronesReading books gives you such joy and pleasure that cannot be expressed in words. Books are not human; they cannot sense anything or understand your emotions but they have real power that no one does “The Power of Knowledge”.

Books have the knowledge of all over the world from the day life begin on earth to till date. One who is in the company of books can have the pleasure of company of Man and Nature. Apart from daily work in your life there is spare time that we spend aimlessly using digital media that we can utilize in reading inspirational and motivational books. Once I was alone, I Just sat down with Game of Thrones novel by George R. R. Martin, after some time I felt that I have company and started living in the world of this adventurous book. Sometime you are not able to sleep, you just pick the book & read couple of the pages, later you fall into deep sleep while dreaming of the book you just read. I bet this happens with everyone.When you are waiting in salon or for a doctor’s appointment, waiting for friend in coffee shop and in the office cafeteria you just pick the magazine lying there and start reading books.


While doing all these activities do you realize the importance that books have in your life. Books impart knowledge and wisdom. From Comic stories to inspirational books, to science and technology to engineering, to historical books to current news, to motivational books to spiritual books and so on. The more you read, more you can train your mind. Books have power to acknowledge you about events happening all over the world while sitting in small room.

Have you ever imagined the world without books? Today's generation knowledge of past, ancestors, culture and civilization would be impossible. Thanks to those scholars who have written scripts about their ideas and inventions so that we can study about the past and make our future better.

 Reading books leaves physical and mental affect on our life. It reduces Stress. No matter how much stressful day you have at work or lots of personal and family issues in our life, it will slip away for while if you read Fiction or Non Fiction books. These books written by International authors contain Inspirational life stories that inspire you to work towards you goal, so you can think out of the box and get new ideas to make your life better. Most Important why all should read books from their early age because books help to learn new words and develop fluency in different languages. We should try to read daily 10-20 minutes before work as this will help you to improve your concentration power.


Guide To FitnessThere is reading categories for every individual on this earth and whether your Interest lies in Classical literature, Fashion magazines, Religious books, Biographies, Fiction novels, Cookery books, Self-Help books, Guide to fitness  and many more categories which can capture your curiosity and imagination.

So Step down and distract you mind from your computers and mobile phones, pick books to recharge your mind and soul.