What supplies are needed for quilling?

1. Quilling Paper Strips

2. Quilling Board

3. Slotted Quilling Tool

4. Liquid Glue

5. Piercer (Or use toothpicks)

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How to store quilling paper?

Even though quilling supplies are inexpensive, wastage is not our thing. Therefore, store quilling paper in a dry, dust-free place that is away from direct sunlight. Make sure to keep the strips organised otherwise you will end up with a mess.

How to choose the right quilling paper?

Quilling papers are easily available online. There are many varieties – plain colours, metallic, graduated colours, acid-free and more. These are also different but none is better or worse than the other when it comes to quilling. Once you practice, you learn that the length and size of the paper determines the final result.

How Accessible are these tools?

Quilling tools are easily available in stationeries and school supplies stores. It is best to Buy Quilling Supplies Online because there is a lot more variety.

What are the benefits of quilling?

Well, same as the benefits of any other creative activity and more. This teaches them fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination. This is an engaging and fun activity for children.