5 things all Stationery Lovers Do!

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Whenever you start doing something new be it studying a new subject, starting a new project, you always need new stationery!
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When someone asks to borrow your stationery, you want to say no because you are too possessive for your stationery. Even if you give them, you will always worry in what condition it will come back to you!
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You cant just make a mistake on the first page of a brand new notebook! It has to be just right, clean and pretty. You  always buy pretty notebooks even if you don’t use them.
Buy Markers online
You don’t just have one set of multicolored pens or markers. You have it all. Different sizes, types, inks and tips. You never know what you might need, so why not have it all!
Buy Stationery Organizers
You have a thing for stationery organisers because you always want to keep your favourites organised!


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Just Because there is nothing such as too much stationery!