5 benefits of playing with play dough are :

1. Builds Imagination and Creativity – A play dough can be anything, it can be a car, an animal, a cake, just anything. This makes them enter an imaginary world where they can express their ideas through creation. Pick some items from your home, like straws, pebbles, rolling pins, feathers, coloured rice and more to be used in the game that can help create more creative play possibilities.

2. Calms and De-stresses – Playing with play dough can help calm down tired and irritable children by diverting all of their focus towards this fun activity of creation. Children too get stressed, and play dough is a great way to form an outlet for their stressful emotions. We hear a lot of laughter when children make silly shapes with play dough and who wouldn't know its benefits.

3. Promotes Physical Development – The little hands need to squeeze, flatten, roll, chop, cut, poke and pound the play dough while playing with it. These movements build strength in hand muscles as well as dexterity in hands and fingers. Hand-eye coordination is also improved through this activity. These developments, later on help in building control over holding pencil as well as in writing.

4. Promotes Social Development – Playdough can be played in a small group or in school, where children might have to explain what they're making and why. When children interact about their creations, they develop social skills. Creating something on their own boosts their self-esteem too.

5. It is Fun – This is the most important reason to play with playdough. Children should be encouraged to follow their bliss and to do what they like. This is a great activity to learn, grow and have fun. It is essential for children to laugh and enjoy, and playdough gives them that opportunity. So that, no matter what life throws at them, these kids know how important it is to have